Basic Food Safety Practices



Basic Food Hygiene training needs to be conducted at least annually as refresher training, as well as when new food handlers join your team.

The Basic Food Safety Practices course is a video-based course aimed at food handlers. There are 26 videos, which cover requirements as per R638 (SA Food Hygiene Regulations) and topics such as; Microbiological, Chemical, Physical and Allergen hazards in detail, Food Safety and Hygiene Policy, The Certificate of Acceptability, Responsibility of the Food Handlers (as the Hygiene Regulation – R638), Food Safety hazards (physical, chemical, microbiological and allergens), Personal Hygiene and Health, PPE, Allergen control, Pest Control, Recall and Traceability, Waste, Cooking, Storage, Cleaning and Sanitation, Temperature Control, Thawing and Display, Food Defence and Food Fraud etc as well as an overview of HACCP.

The videos make use of real workplace examples and are delivered in short 5-minute bite sizes. There are 6 automatically marked online assessments. A digital certificate will be awarded once all assessments are successfully completed.


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